Virtual PRI

Virtual PRI

Entirnet Virtual PRI service is an optimum solution for businesses that require quality, high capacity local access numbers without having their own facilities. Our Virtual PRI provides immediate turn up and allows expansion into new regions and markets with very minimal cost and investment.

The main purpose of a Virtual PRI is to choose a High Quality Local Number in the country and city of your choice having multiple channels in order to manage multiple incoming calls from the same number. The Virtual PRI is only available in certain countries; however, if you're looking to purchase Local Numbers we can make discounts for adding multiple channels to them.

You may also want International Termination to make international calls or our inexpensive VoIP Plans that include both Origination (Numbers) and Termination. If you're looking without a large quantity of channels you should check our Local Numbers.

Virtual PRI Numbers Coverage

Choose your own PRI in the following countries. Each one includes 1 Local Phone Number with 30 Channels.