Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

The shared environments are not the ideal places for maintaining security of your data, since many users have access to the same server. The solution is having a dedicated server hosting plan, in which you can set the security policies that you want, and even use shielding to keep your data in a safer environment.

The most important features of a dedicated servers hosting are: privacy and security, exclusive use of the server resources like performance, power and speed, full control of installed applications, secure data protections and, the most important, exclusive use of server resources.

When you use a shared server, all websites and applications hosted share processing power, RAM and disk space. However, when you use a dedicated server, all your resources are used exclusively for your websites and applications, having the possibility and the right of consuming the resources that the machine provides: Processor, RAM and Storage.

In a dedicated server you have full control over all the applications you install. Not to mention the backup that it provides. Some website hosting providers offer daily backups for your data. The server is at your disposal for anything you need at every moment. No one else will depend on your applications, so you can configure them as you require. In addition, it also allows you to have more control of security and full access to usage logs.

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