VoIP & Phone Numbers

Choose your own Local Phone Number from over 60 countries

VoIP Telephony - Origination + Termination

Reach and be reached all over the World! We provide Local Access Numbers in more than 60 countries and 1200 cities around the world, including EEUU, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, China, Argentina and more! With our network you can also make International Calls at the best prices, even cheaper than local prices! With Entirnet, VoIP Telephony is at your hands.

VoIP Plans and Local Access Numbers

Choose from many different VoIP Plans and get your own Phone Line with unlimited incoming calls and the posibility to make International Calls all around the world at the best prices. Also, purchasing any of our VoIP Plans you get a free International Number to recieve free calls all over the world, and the caller pays local rate!

Virtual PRI and PBX

We also offer specific service for both business, enterprises and organizations. If you are looking to assign a lot of incoming channels to one Local Access Number you need our Virtual PRI Service which permits having only one number to recieve multiple incoming calls at the same time. If you need to manage advanced phone services like special greetings, menus and submenu options for your clients, you should check our Virtual PBX, you can manage you own Phone Telephone system in an easy way, without even being an expert!

Hosting & Servers

From PBX Hosting to Dedicated Servers

Hosting and Servers

We provide high quality and inexpensive international hosting services. Wheter your are looking to host a small personal blog or large corporate websites and applications, our service will always fit your needs. We provide from Web Hosting to Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers to fullfill your project needs. With Entirnet, your project will grow unlimited!

Web Hosting and Domains

If you are looking to host your webpage or web application, Web Hosting is the perfect solution. You can add your Website, Web Applications, Blogs, eCommerce Sites, and many other for both personal or business use. Also, we provide registration for the best Top Level Domain Names. With this, you can choose your own and private Domain Name for your site or project.

PBX, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers

If you need more advanced solutions you should take a look at our Cloud VPS Hosting, that provides a Virtual Private Server to host your Web and Application with its own resources; you can also manage your own Telephony System and administer it technically with our PBX Hosting service. For high demanding applications our Dedicated Servers will achieve all your security and performance needs.