Local Phone Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

With Entirnet you can get a local phone number in more than 60 countries and 1200 cities all over the world, allowing you to carry your chosen local number anywhere you have Internet, 3G, 4G or many other mobile networks. That means you can take you home or office number (or multiple numbers) anywhere in the world.

To use your local numbers you only need a common PC, notebook or mobile device and you can start answering your calls. That means you can get your private local phone number for example, in Argentina, and take it anywhere in the world with your preferred device. Your number also comes with a lot of features such as: international portability (only needs internet), voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, personlized greetings, and more! Also for each account with a Local Number we add for free a International Number.

If you're looking to make calls we offer International Termination. You can also choose a variety of inexpensive VoIP Plans that include both Origination (Numbers) and Termination.

Features included in our Local Phones Numbers

Take your Phone Everywhere

Take and answer your own Local Phone Number anytime, and anywhere in the world! You just need Internet, 3G or 4G! If you travel or live outside the chosen country you still have the Local Number!

Redirect your Phone Number

Redirect your Local Phone Number to Skype, Google Talk, Mobile Phones, Fixed Phones or receive calls on your own Entirnet account! Just choose your preferred destination and answer all calls from there.

Take Control of your Phone

Inside your Web Control Panel you can modify all your Phone Number aspects: Voicemail to Email, Greetings, Ringing, and more! In many places your Local Number will also be Fax and SMS enabled.

One iNum included for free!

Each new account with a Local Phone Number or VoIP Plan Suscription receives one iNum for free! This is an additional Phone Number to receive international calls. Learn more about the Free iNum.