Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Services

How does VoIP work?
The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the connection between traditional telephone lines and computer servers with internet access. This preserves the traditional fixed telephony services with the advantage of: portability worldwide, redirection of calls, messages automation, lower costs, among many other advantages.

What is local phone number?
A local phone number simply is a fixed number traditionally hired to telephone companies in each country, having assigned a certain prefix by country and region. We provide those numbers but with the possibility of hiring and receiving calls anywhere in the world. That is, no need to be in the specific country and region to hire and receive calls with a fixed number there.

What is an international number?
The international number enables that the caller can dial any of the multiple access numbers (public) that we have around the world and then, dialing its extension (private international number), make the call.

How do I configure the hired local and international numbers?
All hired numbers are linked to a unique Entirnet SIP Account. This account receives all calls made to its hired local and international numbers. To use it you must configure your device with internet access (PC, mobile, handheld device ...). In the Guides section you can find extensive help on setting up your SIP Account.

What availability and restrictions exist when purchasing and using local numbers?
You can find the complete list of countries and regions that provide local numbers from that section. Moreover, in some countries there are specific restrictions for hiring, found in the specific country page. Also note that the numbers do not have 911 service, so please try alternatively if required.

How many concurrent calls (channels) allows each local number?
In general, each local number hired includes 2 exclusive channels for reception; ie if you hire more local numbers, each number will have their own channels. You can also hire more channels specifically for each number. Also, if you require large number of simultaneous channels to a local number, you can hire for a more affordable price our PRI service available in certain countries and regions.

How do I configure additional services like voice boxes, redirection, auto attendant ...?
Most services can be viewed and edited from your account on our website. However certain services may require specific advice or hiring our Virtual PBX service if you need a virtual PBX.

Billing and Payments

What payment methods are available to pay for services?
We have the ability to pay for the services through credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover through PayPal secure payments system; also companies can apply for conducting international transfer or bank deposit at lower cost.

How renewals and expirations services work?
Days before the effective expiration of the service (usually monthly) you will be asked to pay realized its renewal through our payment methods. If payment is not made the service may be suspended or canceled since it is payable in advance.

Can I request a refund or return of a contracted service?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or returns as the service is paid directly to providers in each country. In case of not being satisfied we ask that you contact our support to find a possible solution. Remember to tells us in advance if you wish to cancel any or all contracted services.